There are two types of education:

  • Study and qualifications.
  • Life experiences with people, places and situations.

Both are full of learnings.
With study you are given a test and if those answers are wrong you can find out the right answer.  But with the life experience test you are left to find the right answer within you.
It is a life of knowledge and wisdom that is there constantly for your growth.
The knowledge is putting in consistent work to build up information that is stored in the memory.   And the wisdom is the ability to use your knowledge to make good decisions.
As long as you have studied efficiently the answers are within you.  By feeling good you are able to retrieve the information more easily and effectively.
Here are ways of feeling good throughout your exams:

  • Establish boundaries to be self-empowered.
  • Take a breath and time to recharge.
  • Trust your ability.
  • Resources adds growth and progress.
  • Internal satisfaction.

All too often we take on other people’s expectations and beliefs of what they want us to be and we live the lives of what our parents and others want us to become, establishing healthy boundaries helps you stay in your personal power.
Too much overwhelm can cause you to react.  It is at this time when we need to create without reacting.  Stop and take a breathe, recharge and then focus on performing proactively.
It is important to have the courage and strength to make your own decisions and walk your own path now, being more in tune with your inner knowing and feeling empowered brings trust in your ability going through these exams.
If you are struggling to keep up with the workload, it’s saying to you it’s time to get more resourceful.  That is building resources within yourself, such as new skills and tools to use and also getting outside help and support through this time.   This alleviates the added pressure and adds growth and progress while achieving.
Work with the energy of internal satisfaction and this will enable you to be motivated and proud of your efforts throughout the exams.