Instead of looking at overwhelm as a negative factor see it as a positive, an opportunity to grow and perform with results in the future.

It is time to be more RESOURCEFUL.

To handle this we must first look at breathing and maintaining a calm and relaxed manner so we can make clear decisions moving forward. Identify the area which is causing overwhelm.

There are two ways of dealing with overwhelm, before it gets too much and you throw your hands in the air!
Ask yourself:

  • How can I become resourceful to alleviate the pressure?

Ask yourself:

  • Do I need help and assistance from outside resources?

For example
Do you need to learn a new skill that would help you become efficient?
Do you need to identify what work is in your ability and what requires assistance?
When you know what end result you want to achieve help and support is there, the more relaxed and calm you are the more you are in tune with the connecting with the right person or resource that is required.
Focus on where you want to go having a clear vision and picture in your mind.
The language of the unconscious is pictures and symbols and seeing the vision through your own eyes elevates your feelings.
A great way to start is by setting a small short-term outcome. The mind needs to know where it is going and the more you practice this the more it becomes a reality. And the bigger long-term outcomes are achieved.