When situations are out of your control, it shows you that the only control you have is yourself.  This shows you how important it is to have self-control and it starts from now.

The more you rise above people, situations and challenges and are detached about them the more you feel stable and grounded within.

Being un-phased is not being attached to the outcome, and this is without fear.

When you are attached and NEED people and environments you have given your power and become powerless and insecure inevitably leading to a loss of identity and direction, allowing others to take charge of YOUR life.

On the other hand if you need to control the things around you this is also a loss of control and insecurity.  Having to control others is a search for power outside of you when the only power is from within.

Being self empowered you know how to deal with challenges in a calm and relaxed manner this enables you to tune into the knowing.  Making the best decisions from the knowledge and wisdom you have within.