What’s stopping you from being motivated?

The number one thing that blocks us from moving forward is “old beliefs”.

Most of our beliefs are formed at the age of 0-9 years from our friends, family, society and from our experiences.  This means we may be creating situations in our life that are not appropriate to our happiness today.

So how do you find out which ones are not serving you so you can move forward smoothly and effectively.

  • Think back from those ages 0-9 years.
  • What was happening at that time?
  • What environment were you brought up in?
  • Was life hard or easy?
  • Was love unconditional or did it have conditions?

The key is to retrain the patterns of the unconscious by breaking the early behaviours and beliefs today, in a conscious way.   When you start to look deeper within yourself it allows you to identify the things that stop you so you then can expand yourself.

Currently you will have beliefs that are working for you and that you follow through on without hesitation or doubt.

When you start to doubt yourself there is a conflict between part of you wanting to make it happen and part believing it cannot.  Often we can feel not good enough or compare ourselves to others.  So if you feel part of you disbelieves then there is a belief you are still holding onto that you are unconsciously unaware.

What would those unconscious beliefs have been that you picked up at that time?

Recognise these old beliefs so you can CREATE NEW BELIEFS that work for you.

Have you got a reason, a big enough reason to move, to get motivated to get excited to make it happen.  The WHY needs to be something bigger than yourself.   Make it a PLEASURABLE WHY without being painful and without being a “have to”, this will drive you with positive motive to move forward.

Another driver for motivation is SATISFACTION.  When we progress we are happy and satisfied which brings in enthusiasm and energy.  There are two types of satisfaction these are internal and external, and it is important to have both to move forward with purpose and passion.

The internal satisfaction makes you proud of yourself that you have achieved whereas the external satisfaction shows you the results either, with rewards or monetary things.

Where motivation can stop us is if we are dissatisfied internally and/or externally.  Together internal and external satisfaction is the spark plug for motivation.

FOCUS is another thing that can stop you from being motivated.   If focus is distracted this takes you off your course.  Set clear boundaries on your tasks and allow yourself to say no to other outside interferences.

Fully focus and concentrate on what you want to happen putting all your positive energy into the task ahead this will bring in new ways of thinking and clear decision making.

Inconsistency of work is another block that can stop you from making it happen.  When we put in CONSISTENT QUALITY of work we bring in self worth, love and encouragement in what we do and this brings in the rewards.

Scheduling time to produce and to take action to perform brings the results you have been waiting.

When you move forward confidently with:

  • New Beliefs
  • A Pleasurable Why
  • Internal Satisfaction
  • External Satisfaction
  • Full Focus
  • Consistent Quality Work

you become the moving force of your purposeful task.