One Day Workshops

With our One Day Training Workshops


Any Individual or Groups up to 8 that are going through
stress and feeling disempowered, to reconnect back to their Strength
and feel Empowered, now and into the future.

Transform stress into strength completely by implementing this unique 3 step program that focuses on managing and maintaining inner strength.

  • Empower – Looking at stress in a new light to connect to strength. By identifying where you are in the 8 areas.
  • Expand – Understand the levels of growth and development. In the 8 areas.
  • Evolve –  Stay in personal power without stress.

Power to Perform

Drive forward proactively in an
empowering way.

Efficient & Effective

Be calm and relaxed while still being in the
drivers seat of your body and mind.

Greater Results

Be producing and performing at your best
having clear outcomes and getting greater results in the shortest possible time.

Workshop Outline


  • Learn a revolutionary way to look at stress with a positive mindset so you can reconnect back to your strength.
  • Identify your current level of inner strength.
  • Awareness of where you are, for you to make changes.
  • Understand the levels in each of the 8 areas that makes us stronger.
  • Resolve negative states and transform into positive states.
  • Learn how to grow and develop within, through these 8 areas.


  • Learn the tools and techniques to be empowered at all times.
  • Establish positive ways to live without stress completely in all areas.
  • Live a happy, healthy and successful life.

Robert Mooy

For some years now Amanda has provided assistance to my clients and friends who were going through intensely stressful situations. All of those individuals have provided positive feedback about Amanda’s treatment. One client recently commented,

“ Amanda has energised me and provided me with the tools and knowledge to cope with my situation through using the Create Success From Strength program. ”

As a Lawyer, having Amanda available to assist clients with stress allows me to focus on the legal management of their case.



As an Australian Army Officer, I’m frequently in stressful situations. Over the years Amanda has provided great comfort by educating me on properly handling stress. Most importantly, I completely trust Amanda to keep my personal information confidential.

Australian Army

Anna Mitsios

Amanda's passion, skill and techniques along with her incredible confidence in my growth has provided me with the ability to positively change my mindset, habits and environment to create growth and success in my business.

The Create Success From Strength program allowed me to banish personal habits and negative thought patterns that were restricting my success.

Positive change becomes very quick and real with Amanda's guidance.


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